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spend the rest of his life behind bars. good afternoon, everyone. and welcome to news4 at 4:00. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. jared lee loughner wounded 13 others in that attack of 2011, including former congressman gabrielle giffords. >> keith russell joins us live from the newsroom for the emotionalinute when they came face to face today. >> chances are we'll never know where he killed the victims. it's a chance for them to close the door on the ugly chapter. loughnau seven life terms, one for each of the six people he killed. outside that safeway in tucson, arizona. one for the attempted assassination of former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. giffords was among the victims who had a chance to see loughner face to face. he did not speak in court today. she didn't speak. but her husband, mark kelly, did. telling loughner, you tried to
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create for all of us a world as dark and evil as your own. but know this, and remember it always, you failed. arizona congressman ron barber, who won giffords' seat in congress after that shooting, also had a message for loughner at a press conference just moments ago. >> i hope that these long years of incarceration that you face will give you the time to think about what you have done. and to seek forgiveness from those whose to which whose lives you brought so am tears and sadness. >> pause of a previous plea agreement, loughner does not get the death penalty. but life in prison with no parole. at 5:00 we'll hear from a former staff member of gabrielle giffords who was shot twice herself on that tragic day. keith russell, news4. >> a new misery for people in the northeast already hit by hurricane sandy. a powerful winter storm has now
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dropped some heavy snow. areas from new jersey all the way up to connecticut have a foot or more of snow. hundreds of thousands of people are still without power. some had just had power restored from the hurricane. a new york utility company says it probably won't have all customers back online until saturday. the weather channel's chris warren is live in toms river, new jersey, to show us what conditions are like there right now. chris? >> reporter: hello to you, jim. things right now, as far as the weather goes, really not much of a problem at all. the big hit came last night with all the snow. it's starting to clear out right now. as you were talking about, with the fact that so many people, more than 600,000 people in the northeast, mostly in new jersey, and in new york, still without power. it is going to be a very cold night. the clearing skies right now, that's going to add to it. you lose the cloud cover, the heat escapes into the atmosphere. what happens with the clouds, it reradiates some of that heat
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back into the atmosphere. without that, it just goes away. the snow that's left behind, some cases several inches, also works to chill the atmosphere. so so many people without power. but also, if you look in this direction, this is the road, and the bridge, that goes to the jersey shore. and the barrier island out there just about deserted. no one's allowed to be there. while some people, jim and pat, don't have power at this point, other people still without their homes, no idea when they'll be able to return. >> chris, thanks. with more than half a million people without power today in new york, and new jersey alone, this is a long, cold wait for electricity. our team coverage continues now with nbc's danielle lee, who talked to residents about what they are going through. >> reporter: the season's first winter storm to strike the northeast continues tnorthward. meanwhile, people already battered by hurricane sandy last
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week barely waited for the sun to rise before starting to clean up. again. >> good news is, that we have not seen the kind of damage we saw with hurricane sandy. >> reporter: marie was without power for more than two days after the hurricane. then came the snow. >> winter last year was very mild here. and it was a wonderful, wonderful thing. so i'm kind of hoping this year will be the same. >> from what you've seen so far, gosh -- >> it hasn't been pretty. >> reporter: several inches of snow blanketed the region, setting a record for snowfall in the big apple. winds toppled power lines, putting more than 100,000 people in the dark, possibly for the second time in just over a week. >> i went out, to run to the store, came back, the house was black. my kids were all frantic, no heat. it's just been crazy. >> reporter: across the country airlines canceled more than 1,000 flights leaving people stranded. many people here in the northeast are still surrounded by these scenes of damage.
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they are cold, wet, tired and ready for a break from this severe weather. in trenton, new jersey, danielle lee, nbc news. let's go now to storm team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson. >> veronica, how much snow are we talking about up north? >> well, around here, this morning, guys, we only had just a few flakes of snow. a little bit of sleet mixed in. but areas north and where that area of low pressure has been today, making its way off the coast of new england. right now north and east of boston. snowfall amounts up there, they had record snowfall. in fact, the snowiest november on record for central parts. look at the amounts. central park 4.7 inches of snow. bridgeport, connecticut, 5.4 inches of snowfall, after a hurricane, of course. as far as our temperatures go today, we're in the 50s. indeed chilly. we're going to be taking a bit of a breather from not just the chill that we've had out there over the last couple of days,
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almost two weeks now. but also, from this active pattern that we've been in. for your evening, 5:00, 7:00, under a clear sky. it's going to be chilly. we'll head down to 44 degrees by 9:00. 11:00 p.m., 42 degrees. sun sets today at 5:00. a dry, cold night. we've got a quiet day coming up tomorrow. and a warm break will be coming our way. wait until you see how high the temperatures are going to go, not just for the weekend, but also through the early part of next week. i'll have more in just a few minutes. the army private charged with leaking government secrets to wikileaks wants a plea deal. he's willing to plead guilty to lesser charges. even if prosecutors agree to that, manning could still be found guilty on other counts including aiding the enemy. that could get him life in prison. a pretrial hearing for manning continues tomorrow. he'll be tried by a military judge in february. jury selection is under way right now in the trial of a
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bowie state university student accused of killing her roommate. alexis simpson faces a first-degree murder charge. prosecutors say she stabbed dominique last september. they say the two got into an argument over music playing on an ipod. they lived in a suite on campus at the time. after a bruising election, can republicans and democrats work together to avoid going over the fiscal cliff? that's the big question today as we take a live look at the capitol this afternoon. congress returns to the hill next week to try to find some common ground. steve handelsman is on capitol hill this afternoon with a look at what the two parties are saying today. steve? >> reporter: hi, pat. thanks. it's all about taxes. there are mixed signals here on capitol hill about whether republicans now will agree to what's been the obama demand, that some taxes on the rich ought to go up. as they kept counting votes today in florida, washington was
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counting, 53 days until the fiscal cliff. deep defense cuts and cuts in social service spending, and more ominously, tax hikes on everyone. that could spark a return to recession. says a senator who is bailing out of washington's gridlock. >> anything could serve as a trip wire to igniting another financial crisis. >> reporter: both sides are urging president obama to lead the way to a budget deal that avoids the cliff. after his victory tuesday, he's sure to demand, as part of any agreement to cut spending, a tax hike on the wealthy, says a top obama aide. >> he talked about it in the debate and speeches. balance deficit reduction included some revenues. and he was reelected by -- you know, in a significant way. >> reporter: house speaker republican john boehner seemed to signal he gets that. >> we're willing to accept some additional revenues via tax
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reform. we're willing to accept new revenue under the right conditions. >> reporter: but anti-tax conservatives are jumping in to clarify and warn the speaker not to buckle. >> boehner's position is exactly where it was a year ago, two years ago, four years ago. don't raise taxes, have pro-economic growth policies and the government will get more revenue. not from higher taxes, but from more people working. >> reporter: it sounds like the same old fight. democrats hope the gridlock's been broken by barack obama's reelection. but in an associated press exit poll on tuesday, voters nationwide bought both parties' arguments about half saying tax the rich more, shrink government and cut spending. i'm steve handelsman, news4, capitol hill. thanks, steve. how prepared was mitt romney to win the presidency on tuesday? his campaign team had already designed this. a website for his transition. the site was taken down. but it did go live long enough
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for the role call website political wire to get screen shots. the site refers to president-elect romney. and it talks about his transition team, selecting cabinet members and getting ready for inauguration day. next month, a federal garage jury will take up the case of a man charged with stealing a truck that had white house equipment inside it. 48-year-old eric brown faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. prosecutors say he stole that truck containing president obama's podium, teleprompter and other equipment worth tens of thousands of dollars. it happened over a year ago in virginia. they claim brown sold the department of defense laptop and had presidential seals in his possession. when news4 at 4:00 continues, a bus driver learned his fate after a crash that killed four people in virginia. and led to new questions about safety on the roads. plus, how to protect yourself from a new type of identity theft. it's so convincing, even the government might not really
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believe you are really you. also, madonna said she feels insulted by lady gaga. georgia tells us why in the hollywood headlines.
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lindsay lohan's got a new blame game going on. jermaine jackson seems to be distancing himself from his family. and miley cyrus is talking about wedding plans, lots of them. >> joining us once again, georgia is with the hollywood headlines.
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georgia, this ongoing feud between madonna and lady gaga, reaching a new level. is there a peace offering out there from madonna? >> madonna tried to offer a peace offering, but lady gaga kind of said no. it's crazy. i'm very surprised at this, because lady gaga, you can certainly tell madonna was a big influence for her. at least it seems that way to me. she was at a concert in minnesota, and she told her fans there, you know, i offered -- i asked lady gaga to come on stage with me and she said no. madonna said, it's no big deal. i've had rejection before. it's all good. rejection builds character. can you believe how hot that could be, with lady gaga and madonna on stage together? >> lindsay lohan has an excuse for getting into trouble. it involves everybody but her. >> don't we just love lindsay lohan? >> she keeps us busy. >> she does. she got into the accident over
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the summer. she hit a truck, she was in her porsche. she insists she was not driving. it turns out her assistants may have told police -- she told the police that her assistant was driving. her assistant told police -- i wasn't driving that car. huh-uh. lindsay was driving it. now it turns out lindsay may go to jail for lying to police. you know, she's on probation. she's going to go to jail. the judge told her to keep herself clean or she's going to jail. >> she's just hanging by a thread. >> it's the cops' fault. they're after her. if they would just let her drive drunk and leave her alone on a suspended license, she'd be fine. >> you're right. >> let's move it on to miley cyrus now. reports she wants to walk down the aisle, not once, not twice, but three times. her dad, was he backing this up? >> that's the problem. it comes from such a credible source. people are like, your dad is lying on you? she wants to get married three times. people are like, wow, that's
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excessive. she was on ellen today and said, no, i heard i wanted to get married 47 times. not true. i just want to get married once. i want it to be perfect. no date yet. she's working on a new album. and apparently she picked up a wedding book and didn't know that you have to pick out stuff like, you know, stuff for your wedding like napkins that match. so she's got a lot of stuff on her hands. >> sounds like she needs a planner. >> yeah. >> there have been rumors over the years that jermaine jackson has had a lot of plastic surgery. i want to ask you about his name. why is he changing the spelling of his name? >> this is so crazy. he's got one of the most well-known names in the world, jackson. he wants to change it to jacksun with a u. he says it's an artistic thing. i don't know. >> this is like the sun up there. >> yeah. it's odd. >> okay. >> he hasn't given a reason.
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just that it's artistic. >> jennifer lopez rumors today. >> one is that a maid knocked on the door and asked for an autograph, and there's another story going around that the maid actually entered her room and was snooping around. j. lo complained about it. the girl was fired the next day. j. lo tweeted, you know me better than that. i would not fire someone for asking for an autograph. i believe j. lo. i kind of believe her. but sometimes these celebrities are people. the people are mean. >> no one should be snooping around the room. >> yeah, hello. >> what do you have coming up tomorrow? >> word of the day, 7:35 a.m., you call up, we give you money. >> it's not that easy. >> something like that. >> we might wake up for that.
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>> i can't win. gosh. >> thanks. see you next week. let's get the latest on the weather. >> veronica, how are we looking out there today? gorgeous. >> it's gorgeous, boring. i like boring for today. that's right. it's been crazy. you know, sometimes you just need your friends to chill out for a while. that's exactly what we've needed from the weather. things just quiet down and calm down for a while. now we're on the trend of exactly that happening. we've got 54 degrees out there right now. this is reagan national airport with sunshine throughout the area. we've had some wind today. northwest at about 15 to 20 miles per hour. with higher gusts to 25. and even 30 miles per hour today. you can see the numbers throughout the area, from frederick, and areas up north. mount airy to only 50 degrees right now. coming down to annapolis, it's 55. 54 in d.c. 54 degrees currently in falls church, running way below average. but at least a little warmer
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than yesterday. here's a look at those winds throughout the area. again, still gusting close to 30 right in d.c. but no precip. that left us a long time ago early this morning. and earlier, i said that low was just off the coast of boston, a little more down to the south. in fact, you can see rain showers and even snow showers still coming in. the snow shower in the higher spots of vermont and new hampshire. storm system still going on. this coastal storm. but for us, we've got high pressure moving in. that's what's going to dominate our weather for quite some time, for days we'll have chilly conditions for the evening, and then cold again for tomorrow morning under a clear sky. by 11:00 p.m., 42 the temperature. then tomorrow morning, mid to upper 30s across the area. that's inside the beltway. other areas will be dropping down to the upper 20s to around 30 degrees. so on your future weather with high pressure moving in, it's a chilly dry evening for us. look at that. almost cloud-free. sunshine throughout the area
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tomorrow. not just here, but new york. so hopefully no airport delays still going on. down south toward raleigh, nice conditions for friday and just as good for friday. albeit there will be a few clouds coming through with a warm front on saturday. and that warm front will start delivering some warmer air, some higher temperatures. in fact, we're going to get back to average, and even slightly above average our temperatures as we pick up some of that warmth over the nation's midsection. dallas, texas, right now at 80 degrees. we're not going to see that. but i do think that we'll see temperatures in areas this weekend, early part of next week, just above 70. so 47 to 52 degrees. your evening forecast, clear skies, breezy and mild. and then for tomorrow morning, clear skies. a chilly start. 28 to 36. that northwest wind at 5 to 10 miles per hour. so here's a look at tomorrow's forecast, guys. a great stretch of weather coming our way.
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look at that. sunshine, finally warmer. breezy. 57 to 61 degrees. now, check out this forecast. now, this is really nice, considering that we've had almost two weeks below average. this weekend, fine weather. great weather. start making your plans now. 72 on sunday. right now, observe veterans day, 73 degrees for a high temperature. can we hang on to that? you'll have to stick around as we take a look at the extended forecast in a couple of minutes. >> autumn makes a comeback. >> yeah. loving it. >> thanks, veronica. still ahead, rehab for addiction to the internet. the controversy over a new kind of mental illness. and the unusual punishment a woman has received for driving on the sidewalk to get around a school bus.
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wow. that scared me. a little girl was posing for a picture at a zoo in france when a lion decided to just mosey on up behind her and get a closer look. when the child turned around, she screamed, slammed on the
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glass and then she just skipped away. there's glass between them. >> that's what i was wondering. >> you can't tell that. >> that is very clear glass. >> yeah. >> scared for her. >> and the curious kitty. a woman in pennsylvania got a big scare on tuesday. she thought the store where she was working was being va ining vandalized. >> it turned out that the burglars were not making all the noise, but a deer that got trapped inside. that didn't make the situation any less frightening for the woman. she called police who tried to put barriers in the way of the animal. >> in front of the step and locked myself up there. honest to god, i am shaking. the whole morning i've been shaking. i've never felts that way in my life. >> the deer was stuck inside that store for about 40 minutes. it left a piece of its antler and a whole lot of damage behind. i don't know, deer, lion, which is more frightening there.
4:26 pm
the lion. the deer did more damage, didn't he? >> it sure did. still to come, how to protect yourself from a new type of identity theft so extreme that even the government might not believe you're really you. and a bus driver learns his fate after a deadly crash in virginia that led to new questions about safety on our roads.
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welcome back to news4 at 4:00. i'm pat lawson muse. >> and i'm jim handly. at 4:30, breaking news. jared loughner will spend the rest of his life in jail for killing six people and wounding 13 others, including former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords. last year, the shooting in tucson left giffords partially blind and paralyzed arm. she and her husband, astronaut mark kelley stared loughner in the face at the sentencing. kelley told loughner directly that their lives have been immeasurably altered. he avoided the death penalty as part of a plea deal. as much as a foot of snow fell in some places setting records for the month of november. half a million people are without electricity. most of them are still waiting
4:30 pm
for power that they lost after hurricane sandy. well, we certainly dodged it. meteorologist veronica johnson has more now on how it's getting darker earlier. >> veronica? >> that's right. the sundae setting at 5:00. tomorrow, 4:59. and over the next couple of weeks it will set before 5:00. so a little bit of sunshine we're hanging on to right now. we're at 54 degrees, the temperature. over the last couple of weeks, the last two weeks, it has been crazy weatherwise. we've had sandy and a coastal storm and we just need things to calm down a little bit and wouldn't it be nice if it warmed up, too? we'll see a big-time change as well taking place with our weather pattern. the air really dry. the dew point temperature just hit 8 degrees with humidity at 16%. temperatures right now in the neighborhoods around montgomery
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county, 55 for fort belvoir. 54 degrees currently in d.c. camp springs and green belt coming in at 52 degrees right now. the weather's going to be chilly for the evening. cold conditions tomorrow morning. let me take you through the first part of tomorrow. 5:00, 6:00, 7:00, 8:00 a.m., temperatures mid-30s to upper 30s with a clear sky. we're going to hang on to the clear sky and sunshine tomorrow. pushing toward the mid-40s, mid and upper 40s by noontime. we'll look at how warm tomorrow's going to be and the next couple of days which i'm sure you'll be smiling over. >> veronica, thanks. we heard about cases of identity theft, where criminals wind up buying things and ruining your credit score. but now there are some taking it to a whole new level. even living their lives as their victims. nbc's jeff rossen tells us about a woman who's become a victim of extreme identity theft.
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>> reporter: meet the real can dida gutierrez, the married kindergarten teacher in texas. she has a good job, new home, wants the american dream, but when she applied for a mortgage she got the shock of her life. denied for bad credit, in a different state. >> and they said, well, it's basically your house and cars that you still have on your account. and i said, no, i haven't even visited kansas. there has to be a mistake. >> reporter: turns out there was a can dida gutierrez living in kansas. same social security number, same date of birth, same everything. but investigators say she was an i.d. thief, an imposter who had stolen her information to buy this house in topeka, kansas, to get a job at this food company, even to get medical care for the birth of her two children. leaving the real candida's credit in tatters. >> it's basically someone else
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taking everything you are, and ruining it. >> reporter: documents show she got away with it for ten years, even tricking the government into giving her this real driver's license. with her own photo, and candida's information. prosecutors say the imposter didn't stop there. going to the social security administration, claiming she was the victim of identity theft. >> and that's probably the most brazen act that's alleged. her trying to pretend to the u.s. government that she's actually the person whose identity she's stolen. >> reporter: and the federal government almost bought it. telling the real candida, prove you're really you. >> not only am i a victim, i'm also having to defend myself against the people who are supposed to defend me and protect my rights. >> reporter: eventually police caught the suspect. her real name is bo nita gonzalez. in the u.s. illegally, now
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charged with aggravated identity theft. still unclear how she stole the information. >> if you're not looking for it, it's almost impossible to detect it. >> once the thief has this information, how does it get this far that they can buy a house? basically assume your life. and no one catches it. >> once the identity thief has the social security number and name, they can get dates of birth, take out a driver's license, open up a bank account. and that's really when the worst type of identity fraud starts to occur. >> reporter: he says it can go on for years undetected because most of us don't check our credit reports. and the criminals know it. >> all it takes is one person to really want to stick with you. and keep using your identity to commit their crimes. >> that's it, the sky's the limit? >> pretty much the sky's the limit. >> reporter: it was in candida's case. she's still fighting the credit agencies. >> even though now she's in jail, it's still going to take me at least two more years to
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clear my credit. i kept thinking, why me. why is this happening. what did i do to deserve this. >> now, the suspect in this case pleaded not guilty and is currently in jail awaiting trial. nbc news reached out to her lawyer, but hasn't heard back. security experts say the best way to protect yourself, don't store anything on your computer that has your social security number on it. that includes your tax returns, old college admission papers, even medical records. you should never carry your social security card in your wallet because if it's stolen, that's a major problem. and finally, check your credit report once a year. a woman caught driving on the sidewalk to avoid a school bus will endure a little public embarrassment to serve as a warning to others. cell phone video here shows the woman driving her suv on a sidewalk in front of a day care center to get around a school bus. this happened in the cleveland area. the judge sentenced her to stand on the corner where this
4:36 pm
happened and wear a sign that says, only an idiot would drive around a school bus. she's also had her license suspended for a month and she has to pay a $250 fine. the man behind the wheel of a deadly bus crash in virginia now faces up to 40 years in prison. today he was convicted of four counts of involuntary manslaughter. the crash happened, you'll recall, on i-95 about 30 miles north of richmond last may. passengers say kim yu chung was weaving in and out of lanes before the bus swerved off the road and overturned. a state trooper testified today that chung nodded when asked if he fell asleep behind the wheel. it can be just as dangerous as driving while intoxicated. and a new aaa survey says drowsy driving is a bigger problem for young people than for the rest of the population. one in seven drivers, ages 60 to 24, admitted to nodding off behind the wheel last year, compared to one in ten drivers
4:37 pm
of all ages. with the holiday breaks coming up, more young drivers will likely be on the road. aaa says you should find a safe place to pull over if you feel so tired you can't drive or have trouble focusing. and on long trips, you should plan stops every two hours or every 100 miles. >> we know that age, they don't get enough sleep. studying or partying or both. >> a lot of folks don't. not just the young people. why some twitter users try to logon, only to find their passwords did not work. and rehab for internet addiction? its 'a controversy over a new mental illness.
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everything's okay now on twitter, after panic over possible hacking. twitter says it accidently reset too many passwords as part of a routine security checkup earlier today. some users got an e-mail saying their accounts may have been compromised. but twitter cleared up all the confusion a few hours later. a small percentage. more than 140 million users had their passwords affected. time to check out today's daily deals. >> first up on groupon this evening, japanese cuisine in georgetown, pay $20 and get $40 to spend. in addition to sushi rolls. it features various korean specialties. there are two days left to grab this deal. >> that sounds good. it makes me want sushi. and on living social, pay $20 and get $60 to cutlery from
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york, that features forks that slice and dice like a knife. these combo knife/forks are used by celebrity chefs like rachel ray and wolfgang puck. >> when we come right back on news4 at 4:00, who will follow president obama in the white house. the speculation that is already building about the election in 2016. and veronica has the weather. >> the weather again chilly. 13th consecutive day with temperatures below average. average now, 61. this weekend will be on the high side of that average. wait until you see the temperatures we've got coming up with some sunshine. and speaking of sun, look at that. it's going down starting tomorrow through january 4th. the sun will set before 5:00 p.m. your forecast for the weekend and beyond coming up when news4 at 4:00 returns.
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so the change that's coming, is it a pattern change or just for a quick -- a hot minute? >> you know, long enough where i think people will get a chance to enjoy it. >> are we talking hot or just warm? >> significant, how about that? where people are going to notice. they'll be running outdoors. my teenage kids are probably going to go back to putting short pasts on. >> we like this. >> they're teenagers, though. let's head outside and talk
4:45 pm
about the pattern change indeed. the last two weeks our temperatures have been below average. now this weekend we're talking about being on the other side of that average mark. this will be a needed break for us, folks. so we need a break from not just the temperatures where they've been cool, but also from this active pattern we've been in. by midweek, though, next week, we're going to be dropping back down. so this is just going to hold for the early part of next week. so we've had, of course, sandy, and we've had the coastal storm. we've had this type of pattern. big dip in the jet stream. that means unsettled weather. it's also north of this jet stream. chilly to cold conditions. and coming up, for the weekend, and early part of next week, we're going to see milder air moving in. so through at least monday, maybe even tuesday, we're going to eke out some milder and some warmer conditions with this change in our weather pattern. lows overnight, 29 degrees
4:46 pm
frederick. leesburg, areas around sterling dropping to 31. 28 in manassas. 36 degrees in d.c. for the overnight temperature. 32 la plata and around waldorf. again, we're going to be cold here for the overnight. but warming up nicely tomorrow. today's high temperatures, low to mid-50s. tomorrow, mid-50s to around 60 degrees. in fact, a few locations down south. fredericksburg 62 for a high temperature. just a little breezy tomorrow. but finally warmer. look at this four-day forecast. 72 degrees on sunday. upper 60s, low 70s. we get that with sunshine. you'll notice a few extra clouds, though, on saturday. but still, a great weekend coming our way. monday right now, 73. 61 on tuesday. and tuesday is that day when we could see the pattern break and go back to some showers, maybe even a thunderstorm. that's the way it's looking right now. jim, pat, back to you. a growing number of people saying their real lives are
4:47 pm
being destroyed by their virtual lives. chief medical editor nancy snyderman looking at the controversy whether it's a legitimate mental health disorder. >> reporter: just outside of seattle, hillary cash running the first residential treatment program for internet addiction. what separates an addict from an average users? >> making promises they're going to quit, difficulties in school, academic failure, withdrawal, distancing from relationships, lying to family and friends, not showing up with responsibilities. >> sleep deprivation. >> very nocturnal. >> that does sound like addictive behavior. >> it is. >> if you substituted a name for a drug in there, you would see all the same symptoms. >> reporter: everyone we met at restart said their virtual lives have ruined their real lives. >> we all know people who have
4:48 pm
had problems with alcohol or hard drugs. if you look at this as an addiction, is one tougher than the other? >> i think we're all sort of in the same boat. no one set out to become addicted to drugs or alcohol or computer games. >> reporter: brett came to restart addicted to an online game called world of war craft. by the time brett walker came for treatment, he hadn't shourd for weeks, was unemployed and says he had no friends. >> at the risk of becoming crass, is it fair to say you were a winner online, and a loser in real life? >> yeah, definitely. that's sort of why i stayed online all the time. whenever i was laying in bed at night, i would always think about how that day i hadn't accomplished anything. about how i wasn't where i wanted to be in life, and i was really miserable. >> you can watch the entire report tonight at 10:00 on "rock center" with brian williams here on nbc 4. when we come right back on
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news4 at 4:00 this afternoon, it looks like a scene from a movie. thieves drive through a shopping center on motorcycles hitting up a jewelry store. a story that brings new meaning to the term play like a girl. the young player who is dominating on the football field. i'm wendy rieger. coming up at 5:00, an elderly woman attacked outside her home. we'll be live with the crime alert. a curbside delivery. we'll talk to the proud parents. a deadly earthquake, 70 aftershocks just in the first 24 hours. and the danger is far from over.
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a smash-and-grab job caught on camera at a jewelry store in the uk. the group of four thieves kept their helmets on. three of them stood watch while the other raided the store. one of them tore the front of the screen and is holding an ax. they also had baseball bats. police are still looking for them. this 9-year-old girl in salt lake city cannot only hang with the boys, she dominates. her name is sam gordon. and based on this video posted online by her dad, she had one incredible football season. as a quarterback, she had nearly 2,000 yards rushing, she
4:53 pm
averaged more than eight yards per carry and scored 35 touchdowns. she also has 65 tackles while playing defense. for the most impressive stat, check this out. it was her first year playing football. her first year. >> unbelievable. >> the video has had more than 1 million views on youtube. wow. >> credit to the dad if he took that picture. because to keep up with her with a camera is tough. wow, sh eis quick. >> go, sam, go. up next, turning to decision 2016. who could take the white house after president obama's second term? >> a live look now at the white house. we know who's going to be living there for the next four years.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
a live look at the white house. we all know who's going to be living here for the next four years. but president obama's re rereelection raises questions about who will be living here after 2016. there's already dominating discussions about the next presidential race. as andrea mitchell reports, those discussions begin with one name. >> reporter: the votes from this election weren't even all counted when the speculation began. would she or wouldn't she. >> i do care deeply about what happens to the country that i
4:57 pm
love and that i've served. >> reporter: it was even more talk after her husband became president obama's star closer. >> let me tell you something. i may be the only person in america, but i am far more enthusiastic about president obama this time than i was four years ago. >> reporter: she's been the superstar of the cabinet logging hundreds of thousands of miles. to countries she is greeted as though she's already a head of state. she said she's ready for a time-out. but she keeps her network of donors close and is a hero to women. >> if you want a real world leader, and you're really, really lucky, this is what you get. >> i think people know who the real hillary clinton is, and they like what they see. i think obviously she would be the formidable front-runner, no question about it. >> reporter: clearly hillary 2016 is trending. even people who take her at her word say she could change her mind and run. >> she's got the name recognition. and she's got the rolodex.
4:58 pm
>> reporter: joe biden is clearly thinking about his own run for the white house. >> i'm feeling pretty good. >> last time you think you'll vote for yourself? >> i don't think so. >> reporter: and there's always new york governor andrew cuomo. the republicans have their own starting lineup. paul ryan, who played the role of understudy in this campaign, new jersey governor chris christie, although some conservative republicans criticize him. florida senator marco rubio, who say he's a republican solution for his problem with hispanics. >> if i'm a serious policymaker, i'll have a lot of opportunities to do different things. in politics, outside of politics. >> reporter: and there are some party leaders who still long for former florida governor jeb bush. right now, at 5:00, breaking news. an 81-year-old is attacked outside her home. d.c. police called the crime heinous. dozens rallied outside the
4:59 pm
white house today. a mother's first child, she was in labor for 50 hours before making a curbside delivery. their story straight ahead. good evening. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. first up at 5:00 tonight, a brazen robbery in laurel. police tell us two men walked into a recording studio, recorded a rap song, and when they finished, they robbed the place. >> news4's pat collins spoke to the manager of the recording studio about how this all went down. >> reporter: we're at the scene of the song, the scene of the crime, the case of the rapping robbers. we've seen all sorts of security camera video from all sorts of places. this could be the first time the big clue in the case is a rap song. you see, the cops are looking for the guy singing this song. ♪

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